Popular Makati Living Areas

Q: When I want to get a good view of the city where should I live?

A: The best place would be any property in a high rise building in the middle of Makati CBD (Central Business District). These places have a great view from the top, with all the lights of the city illuminating in the sky. Some of the residential buildings you can choose from are Peninsula Court, Paseo Parkview Towers, Elizabeth Place, and Fraser Place in Salcedo Village.

Q: If I will be working along Chino Roces Avenue where should I live? A: Chino Roces Avenue is a long road that stretches along many villages. If you want to live near a building along this road, the best choices are Magallanes Village, Dasmarinas Village, San Lorenzo Village, and Pio Del Pilar Village.

Q: I will be working in the Fort, but want to live in Makati. Where is the closest location with the easiest transportation?

A: The Fort is considered by many professionals as a far place to work. Many opt to live within the proximity of their office building, while others live in areas with the easiest transportation to the district. For those who wish to live within the proximity of their office building, the residential real estate they may check out include Mckinley Hill, Forbeswood Heights, and Serendra. On the other hand for people who only wish to live in places with easy access to transportation to The Fort, they may choose to live in Dasmarinas Village and Forbes Park North or South because these villages are just beside the shuttle station to the Fort.

Q: I will be working in Makati but want to live in the Fort. Will I have a hard time coming to work given the distance of these two districts?

A: It is not very advisable to live in the Fort when one is working in Makati. However, if this is what is desired, the only way the conflict in the distance may be solved is by learning the different transportation means from the Fort to Makati. The most popular of these techniques is riding the shuttle which travels from Ayala to The Fort and back. This is considered the easiest way. Owning a car is also a good idea, as well as having a taxi scheduled to pick you up every day.

Q: I want to live in Rockwell, and my office is in Salcedo Village. Is that too far of a travel distance?

A: No. However, during rush hour this may become a problem. Though the two villages are not too far from each other the roads to traverse to get from one side to another involves too many intersections. This means too many possible stops. These stops can become really irritating especially if you are struggling to get to work early.

Q: Where should I rent if I want the best view of the city

A: Of course a high-rise apartment is the answer to that, a high-rise apartment in the middle of the CBD, probably within Salcedo Village. You can try Salcedo Towers, Somerset, Splendido Gardens, The Peak Tower, and One Pacific Place.

Q: If I am working in People Support where should I rent?

A: You can rent in Legaspi Village, the closest village to the Aegis People Support Building.

Q: I want my home to be a peaceful place where I can relax and rest. Where should I rent?

A: You can try Urdaneta Village, any of the four Bel Air villages, or Dasmarinas Village, and Forbes Park. These are gated villages that offer easy access to Makati CBD, the Ayala Center, as well as a quiet and secure neighborhood.