Makati Condo: No Room for Claustrophobia

Makati City is the home of the central business district of the country. Many expatriates and locals call this city their home because of its proximity to the business area. Why wouldn’t they when they have shopping malls, banks, and hospitals around the corner? The city is also very near several highways such as EDSA, Metro Manila Skyway, and South Luzon Expressway.

A good Makati condo or Makati apartment is not hard to find in the city. Usually, these condos are in the vicinity of the Makati CBD. These are usually located at Salcedo Village, Legazpi Village, and Rockwell in Makati. These locations are known to be up-scale neighborhoods and the price range for these condos and apartments are truly expensive.

For people who are currently living in or are considering buying a Makati condo, the space is always taken into consideration. In Tokyo, for example, people have to shell out a lot of cash for such a limited space in the city where they have to work. In Makati, some prospective tenants are worried that their furniture might not fit inside the limited condominium space or that they would not be able to bring in a number of guests because of the limited space. Cost is also a major consideration. Why pay for something really expensive when one cannot even maximize its use?

Luckily, a spacious Makati condo or Makati apartment is not hard to find in the city. Given that one of the disadvantages of condo and apartment living is the limited space and that this type of housing is certainly not suitable for a large family, there are condos and apartments in the city that will not let anyone feel claustrophobic.

Fortunately for prospective tenants, you can have a space of as less as 48 square meters and as much as 75 square meters. Some condos and apartments are also fully furnished so that prospective tenants do not have to worry about purchasing additional furniture. There are also condo units and apartments that have several bedrooms and bathrooms.

A Makati condo and a Makati apartment is one of the best types of housing in this country. The structures are just some of the finest in the city, and its accessibility to major establishments makes it a very good choice for both local and foreign markets. Living in a condo or an apartment for rent in Makati is so unlike living in some major cities in Asia where you have to pay so much for such a limited space.