Finding the Perfect Apartment for Rent in Makati

The city of Makati is one of the busiest cities in Metro Manila. Within the heart of Makati is the Central Business District Many people from all over Metro Manila and neighboring regions come to Makati everyday to work and some of them go through long trips just to go to the city to earn a living, which sometimes costs them a lot of money spent on fares. Getting an apartment for rent in Makati is the best solution for these people.

Many people have look online in search of a cheap Makati condo or Makati apartment. A low-priced apartment for rent in Makati will probably be located in places such as Baranggay San Isidro, Baranggay Palanan and Baranggay San Antonio, which are all one jeepney or bus ride away from the Makati CBD.

The great thing about looking for an inexpensive Makati condo or Makati apartment is that there are lots of them in these areas, which are generally residential areas. An apartment for rent in Makati would normally have a price range of P4, 500 to P6, 000 pesos per month depending on the size of the place. Payment for water and electricity is usually not included in that amount, but if you are fortunate enough to come across a Makati condo or a Makati apartment that already includes water and electricity payment in the rental amount, then it would be a great way to save money for food and other expenses.

For those who would rather choose a less expensive place to stay, there are other options available. Besides an apartment for rent in Makati, there are some ads online for Makati condo sharing, which is a less expensive option than renting an apartment or a room alone. Condo sharing in Makati ranges from P2, 500 to P3, 000 per person monthly. Typically, condo sharing involves three to five persons in one condo unit with the size of the unit determining how many people can fit in a single unit. This is a great money-saving option, especially when you don’t have the cash to pay for a Makati condo yourself.

Looking for an apartment for rent in Makati that would best suit your needs would require patience if you are looking for options online. If the method of finding that perfect Makati condo or Makati apartment is good old-fashioned walking, then a good combination of patience and stamina would be perfect to go along with that.