Cut the Commute: Living Where You Work

A Makati condo or apartment is certainly a sign of hard work and dedication. For the young professional, acquiring a house or a condo in Makati is a convenient, practical, and smart investment.

Makati is home to the center of the industrial district of the Philippines, officially called the Central Business District. Most major companies in the country have their headquarters strategically positioned in this city. Makati prides itself as being the commercial center of the nation, and as such, the whole infrastructure of the city is designed with the business sector in mind.

Transit is fairly convenient and easy in the area. Commuters from different parts of the metropolis commute daily into the city, with all modes of transportation available. Buses, jeeps, cabs, and shuttle vans all transport people in and out of the city. Many people also take the Metro and Light Rail Transit, which is conveniently connected to different cities of the metropolis. Due to this, traffic going in and out of the city can be very bad at times.

Keeping that in mind, the most convenient way to work in Makati is to reside within the city itself. There are many land developers that have built Makati condos and apartments with the young professional in mind. Many affordable residential spaces are being offered. You can now own a Makati house without going broke. A Makati condo doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg anymore, as developers can find you a condo, apartment, or house that’s just within your price range.

Besides the advantage of being only a few minutes away from your workplace, living in Makati means living in a safe and secure place. The local police force is highly visible and the city’s crime rate is very low. The local government has also made an effort for the local populace to feel safe by being very approachable and transparent.

Having a condominium or apartment in Makati also means you can have access to the country’s foremost entertainment and leisure establishments like shopping malls, movie theatres, and amusement centers. Most of these establishments are located along Ayala Avenue, which is very accessible even from different parts of the city. For the office worker, going to entertainment establishments is a good way to relieve stress after a grueling day at work.

Living in the city will significantly cut travel time, which means more personal or family time for the worker. It also cuts transportation costs and reduces stress brought on by daily commuting. All in all, a Makati condo is not just a residence; it is also a convenience and a wise investment for the urban professional.