Best Place To Live In: Makati Condos and Apartments

There are so many great places to stay in Metro Manila, and one of them is the city of Makati, located 7.33 kilometers south of the city of Manila. It’s the country’s top business district. Some of the best hotels are all over the city and there are many shopping malls to satisfy a shopaholic. There are also hospitals and schools in the city. Because of its proximity to the business area, Makati has been the top choice for businessmen and other people to live in.

Much can be said of Makati condos. There has been a real estate boom during the past 10 years and Makati has benefited from it. Some Philippine real estate companies built buildings in Makati to serve as business headquarters, and others soon followed by leasing office space for business. However, many of these real estate companies realized that people need a place to stay and soon build Makati condo buildings. People have their choice of Makati condos or apartments for rent in the city. These Makati apartment and condo buildings are top-of-the-line residential structures.

Most of these high-rise Makati condos and apartment sfor rent are in the vicinity of the business district of Ayala Avenue, Chino Roces Avenue, and Buendia Avenue. Names like Antel Spa Residences, Avida Makati Tower, The Beacon, and Eton Residences at Greenbelt top the list. These places are conveniently located near shopping areas and offices. Because these properties are near the business district, they do not come cheap. However, the quality of living that is possible in these residential units deserves the high price tag.

Just how much do you have to shell out if you want to live in a Makati condo or a Makati apartment? It depends on the building, of course, but rent could range anywhere from P60,000 to P100,000 each month. Clients can now have the most luxurious Makati condo in the heart of the business district. The upside is these condos and apartments are located in the best places in the city. They are accessible from different parts of Manila, north to south, and the buildings are structurally sound. Given the high quality of the buildings and the amenities in these buildings, the rates are actually quite reasonable.

If you want to get a classy condo or a luxurious apartment, the city of Makati indeed has a lot of great choices for you. All you need to do is find the right one that will fit your budget and allow you to live the life you’ve always wanted.