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Apartments in Makati for Expatriates

The demand for apartments in Makati has mushroomed over the last few decades. American and European expatriates form a substantial part of this market. These foreigners are either professionals who are in the Philippines for work or retirees who have settled in the country for an extended period of time. A foreigner is usually called an expatriate after living in another country for more than five years.

Many of these expats, as they are more commonly known, take up residence in the more affluent parts of Metro Manila, such as Makati. This is no surprise, not only because of the safety that these places provide, but also because of the proximity to their business office space. In Makati, the central business district is the heart through which the city’s economy flows. Thus, renting in Makati has become essential for these foreign professionals.

A Makati condominium, of course, is an option for them, as most expats can afford this, but many opt for apartments in Makati. These apartments are usually located in safe, secure locations such as Rockwell, Salcedo Village, and Legaspi Village, which are a few of the places featured in

Foreigners are faced with a myriad of possibilities when it comes to an apartment for rent. It is helpful to browse the Internet for information regarding available residential units. This helps narrow the search for the perfect apartment, one that can possibly accommodate an expat’s family and his guests. Many websites also include excellent photos of these apartments, giving him a visual image of his future home.

However, the search for quality apartments in Makati should not stop with the web. An expat should also partner with a reputable local real estate broker. That broker is not only knowledgeable about the real estate environment in the city, but is also licensed by the government, having been recognized as an expert in the field.

Expanding Filipino professional and personal relationships will help in finding the right residence for an expat. This helps in dealing with the culture of the country and also aids in the development of a network that will prove invaluable in searching for a suitable apartment. This local network will probably know of the best residential possibilities that are available for the best possible prices, intimate knowledge which many foreigners may not have unless they spend many years in the country.

There are many other factors in finding the right Makati apartment, and certainly the astute expat needs to explore all options. However, it is safe to say that apartments in Makati are on the rise, and many expats are coming to the conclusion that this city may be the best place for their business and their family.