The Advantages of a Makati Condominium

For the savvy businessman or the diligent professional, a Makati condominium makes sense. There are a number of housing options within the central business district and its outskirts. Residents of the area find it to be a secure, safe place, not only to raise a family, but to take charge of a business as well.

A house in Makati

There are homes for rent or for sale in the city, and they represent some of the finest residential real estate nationwide. However, the monthly rental rate can be anywhere from PhP70,000 to as high as PhP230,000. Purchasing one of these homes, meanwhile, may cost as much as PhP100 million. This is a substantial amount which prevents many young professionals from taking that opportunity. While these homes are excellent, most of them simply cannot afford the high cost.

What about an apartment

An apartment in Makati costs relatively cheaper, primarily because of the smaller space. While many houses in the area measure about 250 to 500 square meters, apartments normally are in the 30- to 150-square-meter range. These Makati rentals typically cost about PhP25,000 to PhP60,000 monthly. The small space, however, may not be able to accommodate a family, something that should be considered when renting in Makati.

The perfect compromise

A Makati condominium is a viable option for those who wish to purchase their own place but do not have the financial capability to buy a house. This piece of real estate offers the size and smaller cost of an apartment and the feeling of permanence of a house. In terms of physical characteristics, there is very little difference between condos and apartments. The actual difference lies in the fact that apartments are rented, while condos are purchased. Buying a condo is akin to purchasing a home, except that, at an average of PhP7 million, it is significantly cheaper.

This compromise is perfect for those who seek the permanence and community of a purchased house but cannot afford it. The Makati condominium certainly addresses these concerns while ensuring overall satisfaction. Indeed, that sense of security and permanence is worth the cost of a condo.